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Great Massage, Courteous and Thorough Practitioner Great Massage, Courteous and Thorough Practitioner. I highly recommend Emily.
excellent! wonderful job Emily!
Awesome Emily listens to you and your body and her techniques take over. She really makes you feel that you are in control of your comfort and well being and she is there to show you and teach you. Well worth the time.
Sarah S.
My Trip to Space - AKA an AMAZING Massage. When Emily asked half way through my massage how I was doing, she was a bit shocked at my response, "I feel like I'm on a spaceship." It was hard for me to articulate how relaxed and free my body felt because I was in such a trance from her touch. It was like I was in a zero gravity chamber.... And it was heaven. I am a migraine sufferer, and that was my main reason for visiting Emily. I simply needed to relax. I needed relief from this week that has plagued me with daily migraines. Along with that, I am an ex dancer dealing with old hip injuries who sits in an office chair all day, so I have a bit of low back pain. Emily spent some time assessing my pain to determine the methods she was going to use on me. I got some heat therapy on my shoulders while she worked on my lower back, and lift off. The work she did on my low back, glutes, and neck and shoulders was literally out of this world. I have frequented many massaged therapists - some are good, some make my pain worse, and some just don't do anything for me. Emily has such a gift at applying different methods to really treat the areas of need. Her credentials speak for themselves, she is GIFTED! I left my hour massage feeling longer, looser, relaxed, and pain free. I was finally able to move my neck to look over my shoulder while driving, and I woke up loose and limber.... still like I was in outer space. I LOVE IT! I would certainly recommend her over and over again
Wonderful massage Emily is a talented, intuitive massage therapist. Her small stature belies her ability to work on difficult areas. Her space is clean and lovely, she plays jazz instead of the ubiquitous new agey stuff, and her prices are reasonable. Give her a try!
Kay W
Wonderful service Emily takes the time to ask questions before a session starts. It is wonderful to have her take the time and care to ask and understand what my needs are for a session before we even start. She goes above and beyond to make sure she understands her clients needs. thank you Emily! :)